Book News: April 19th, 2007

The Department for Health has issued a guide to people who receive direct payment of cash in lieu of social service provision. The guide includes a questionnaire which is designed to give feedback on how councils are responding to the direct payment regime. The people receiving the guide and questionnaire will be 16 or over and be either disabled, or carers, or have parental responsibility for disabled children.The aim of a direct payment is to give more flexibility in how services are provided to many individuals who are assessed as eligible for social services support. By giving individuals money in lieu of social care services people have greater choice and control over their lives, and are able to make their own decisions about how their care is delivered. Take-up of direct payments is slower than anticipated and the DoH is seeking to identify barriers to progress. The questionnaire seeks answers to questions such as: ‘Does your council have a plan that tells everybody who works in the council about direct payments?’ ‘Does your council have people who help other people to get direct payments?’

The results of the survey will not be attributable to individual councils.

The Guide and Questionnaire are available at: