Book News: June 26th, 2007

This report from the Commission for Racial Equality sets out findings from a research project to identify the level of ethnic minority participation in Local Strategic Partnerships and to assess which groups benefit from the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund.Researchers looked at participation in LSPs by people from ethnic minorities and found that most LSPs did not monitor their members by ethnic origin. Without monitoring, it is not possible to determine the overall level of participation by people from ethnic minorities in LSPs across the country. Less than one third of LSPs in the survey had set aside places for representatives from ethnic minorities in their core structure, that is, on the main LSP board, and two in five had done this for their wider structure.

The research findings show that only two of the nine LSPs monitored the ethnicity of where NRF funds were allocated. Although the research process did not allow for examination of whether ethnic minority communities felt that their interests were effectively represented in LSPs, limited anecdotal information suggested that some LSP ethnic minority representatives were very dissatisfied with the race equality approach taken by the Neighbourhood Renewal Unit, government offices and LSPs.

The report is available at: