Book News: February 25th, 2015

Gerry Reffo and Valerie Wark explain how Political Intelligence sets successful leaders apart.

Business, government and civil society must find new and better ways to work together to crack the calculus for sustainable growth and create a brighter future.

Political Intelligence (PQ) is becoming a new leadership requirement that will allow governments and businesses to build relationships and work together in a new and more effective way.

Successful leaders have built the capability to interact strategically in a world where government and business share power to shape the future. Leadership PQ explains why political intelligence is now a critical leadership requirement; presents exclusive case studies and interview material to demonstrate the impact of PQ in action; and provides practical advice to on how to develop it by effectively navigating the Golden Triangle of business, government and society.

The book is based in stories collected from leaders that the authors believe have PQ mastery. It describes what motivated them to lead in this way and how they did it. The findings from this research was distilled to work out what are these leaders doing that others don’t.

It emerged that these leaders do five things that differentiate their leadership and they work them in unison. This is called PQ mastery. From this, a model for PQ leadership was created to captures the five facets. Futurity, Power, Empathy with purpose, Trust and Versatility.

Published by Kogan Page. EAN: 9780749469603 £29.99