Headlines: June 16th, 2000

A two-year study into the experience of government action by older people has resulted in a call for bold measures from the public sector to create the environment for change.’All Our Futures’ makes 28 wide-ranging recommendations for action by government, local agencies and voluntary organisations to combat age discrimination, engage older people, and improve decision making to better meet older people’s needs.

The recommendations build on the two year Better Government for Older People programme and are published alongside an evaluation report on the programme by Warwick University. Older people actively involved with the programme’s advisory group also publish their views in a further report, Our Present for the Future.

The Better Government for Older People programme pilot projects brought together local agencies and older people in new ways to improve services and give older people a bigger say in their local community.

Some of the achievements include older people working with the Benefits Agency to successfully improve benefit take-up, taster courses for older people in IT which were over-subscribed, helping older people build a second career by enabling them to become self-employed, and inviting a reading group of older people to review and revise council leaflets, making them more user-friendly, attractive to read and jargon-free.

Copies of ‘All Our Futures’, ‘Making a difference’ (the evaluation report by Warwick University) and ‘Our Present for the Future’ are available from Better Government for Older People, Wolverhampton Science Park, Wolverhampton WV10 9RU or by calling 01902-824270.

Information about the 28 pilot projects is being shared through the programme’s website at www.bettergovernmentforolderpeople.gov .