Headlines: June 26th, 2000

New Internet developments for faster access and the launch of new websites will bring benefits to pupils and their teachers. The 26,000 primary and secondary school pupils in the London Borough of Hackney are being given rapid access to the Internet and to the Authority’s education intranet site. More time will be spent online, rather than waiting for access. Hackney is the first Education Authority to use BT’s Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line Technology (ADSL).A website will be launched at the end of the month to support teachers in encouraging more parents to get involved in their children’s schools. The site will give guidance on home-school agreements, and suggestions for others ways of involving parents more closely in schools. Teachers will be able to send examples and case studies to the site for others to draw on, building up a reservoir of good and emerging practice.

A new professional development for teachers has been launched. It provides a single gateway to all international development opportunities for teachers. The site allows teachers to tap into the opportunities available, share the expertise they have gained, exchange views with other professionals and search for specific information