Headlines: November 28th, 2000

The NHS has launched a strategy to develop leadership in the nursing midwifery and health visiting professions as part of the transformation of the health service. The leadership training programme will be expanded and an additional 219 new Nurse Consultant posts will be created. There are currently 232 nurse consultants who help retain experienced and expert nurses, strengthen clinical practice, and improve quality and services in the NHS.This new approach to leadership development is part of a complete rethink of management systems and processes, which is necessary to deliver the radical transformation required by the 10 year NHS Plan.

Leadership training will be delivered through The Royal College of Nursing’s Clinical Leadership training programme that will be expanded by the creation of more than 1,000 places. The year-long development course looks at issues around patient experience, transforming the care environment, effective self-management and the management of others.

Some 32,000 front-line nurses, midwives and health visitors will also attend a three day Leading Empowered Organisations training course. This programme, which deals with effective self management and the management of others, will be run by Leeds University.