Headlines: November 30th, 2000

Following the announcement that Leeds University is to provide a leadership programme for 32,000 nurses, midwives and health visitors, Customs and Excise has announced a management development deal with Manchester Business School. The School will provide a three phase executive development programme for its senior regional managers.The Chairman of Customs & Excise, Richard Broadbent, who was recruited from the private sector earlier in the year, ordered a fundamental overhaul of the Department’s Human Resource systems. The executive development programme is one of the outcomes supporting the creation of an active management culture to enable managers to operate professionally and decisively and to eradicate unnecessary reliance on process. The challenge of the programme is to move management thinking away from relying on detailed regulations which prescribe how tasks should be performed and to create an innovative climate throughout the management chain.

The programme includes sessions on the characteristics of winning organisations, leadership and development of teams and the “balanced scorecard” approach of defining and measuring success.

It is expected that the programme will be the first stage of a partnership for management and organisational development between the Business School and the department.