Headlines: September 30th, 2002

A new group has been set up within the Cabinet Office to steer Civil Service reform. When the Modernising Government White Paper was published in 1999 the task of driving through the changes was given to the Civil Service Management Board, which is made up of the heads of departments. With the arrival of Sir Andrew Turnbull to head the Civil Service, a new look has been taken at the reform programme and how it is to be managed. On his arrival in his new post he said: “Accelerating change in the Civil Service will be my priority over the next three years. We all want to deliver better services to the public”.The Reform Strategy Group will be responsible for defining the overall Civil Service reform strategy and developing the Departmental Change Programme. A top priority of the Group will getting the reform message through to all parts of the Civil Service.

Paul Kirby, currently Director of Inspection at the Audit Commission, has been given the key role as Director, Reform Strategy. He started his career as a teacher and moved into local government where he has spent most of his career. He joined the Audit Commission in 2000 as Regional Director, Best Value Inspection Service. His last post with them was as Director of Inspection where he created the Comprehensive Performance Assessment. This involved securing commitment to and delivering the first year of a new performance management regime to cover 430 councils. He is 38 years old and his salary will be between 70,725 to 148,625 pounds.