Headlines: July 7th, 2003

Despite moves by the public sector to offer e-citizen services, public sector employees are reticent about conducting Government transactions on-line. Only 14 per cent are actually prepared to make electronic transactions such as bill payments or claims for child support. In contrast 97 per cent of public sector employees stated that they already use commercial sector on-line services for transactions such as banking or purchasing of goods. This divide between the take up of public and private sector online services is a key finding of research published by LogicaCMG.Sara Nicholls, Sales and Marketing Director, Public Sector, LogicaCMG. said: “Increasing confidence in Government on-line services will be key in increasing take-up of core e-citizen services, both those that are transaction based, such as paying council tax, and non-transaction based services, such as filling in tax forms.”

Pointing to the future, the research also identified that nine out of ten people would use on-line Government services again, citing a number of key benefits over using traditional forms of contact. Thirty six per cent believe on-line Government services are quicker and easier to use, 33 per cent expect to save time in the future, 25 per cent considered it would save the Government and taxpayers money, and 10 per cent thought it would be more convenient.

Link: http://www.logicacmg.com