Headlines: November 25th, 2003

People living in the Garston area of Liverpool can now get council tax advice, computer courses, books and benefits all under one roof following the official opening last night of the city’s second joint Library and ‘One Stop Shop’ for council services. The building is the ninth new or refurbished library opened in the city in the last four years, and the eighth ‘One Stop Shop’.The centre means local residents have the latest in library services, from book borrowing to free access to e-mail and the Internet. They can also sign up for free computer courses. At the same time they can get information and advice on range of council services from staff who can use new technology to cut waiting times and improve customer service.

The city’s first joint One Stop Shop and Library was launched in Wavertree last year and has proved popular with local people. Liverpool City Council says that in other areas the shops are transforming customer services. They have each been designed with the customer in mind and are located at the heart of Liverpool’s communities. They allow people to get help and information about any service, ranging from benefits to education and disabled parking permits to housing repairs and refuse collection.

The newly-refurbished building in Garston has been paid for by the council and the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund. It will be open for 60 hours every week.