Headlines: March 9th, 2004

Teachers and other professionals who work with young people making choices about courses of study and future careers are to get extra support in the shape of an updated equalities teaching pack.”Does Sex Make a Difference” has been updated for teachers and advisers and contains four lesson plans on the sorts of jobs boys and girls could do, the career choices they make, the pay gap, women in public life, and domestic violence.

The plans have been devised to reveal disparities in society through the powerful use of facts and figures; to engage young people in equality issues that affect their future lives; to bring home the relevance of the topics to pupils lives by using case studies; and to encourage young people – both male and female – to challenge the status quo.

Launching the new pack, Deputy Women’s Minister Jacqui Smith said the idea was to get young people talking about gender issues and to start thinking more broadly about their future career choices. The pack can be used by anyone working with young people and was designed to give them the support and help they needed.

The pack is available at www.womenandequalityunit.gov.uk and hard hardcopies can be ordered from 0870 1502 500, quoting URN 04/501.