Headlines: April 28th, 2004

The Centre for Public Scrutiny has this week launched the first dedicated interactive resource for non-executive scrutineers and their support officers. Their re-launched site www.cfps.org.uk now provides detailed information and improved services for scrutineers from across government and other areas of the public sector.The website has been redesigned so the home page offers quick access to areas of the site, including a library of scrutiny reviews from across the UK, to assist those who are tackling a new topic. Scrutineers can search by subject, region or type of authority type and upload their own reviews to share them with others. The Forums area carries discussions, offering more opportunities for scrutineers to share their experiences and advice.

Special bespoke forums have been created for health scrutiny linked to the fact that the Centre for Public Scrutiny is shortly launching a 3-year, two and a quarter million pound programme to support local authority health scrutiny. A second bespoke forum has been developed for the CfPS ScrutinyChampions Network for non-executives and support officers who act as ambassadors for scrutiny within their organizations.

Other features include a Scrutiny Map with information on scrutiny systems across the public sector and a News area with regularly updated items.

CfPS redesigned the site to meet increased demand for online scrutinysupport services and to bring together scrutiny content previously held on diverse sites. Executive Director Dr Jane Martin said the tools available through the site would enable scrutineers to share practical guidance and information on making scrutiny work and that was essential to modern and effective government.