Headlines: February 3rd, 2005

Local authorities in Wales will share almost three million pounds in extra funding this year to help them meet European Commission requirements for the disposal of domestic fridges.Since the beginning of 2002, CFCs from both the insulation foam and the coolant in fridges has to be removed and treated, so they are not released into the environment, before appliances can be recycled or scrapped. Since 2002 specialist facilities have been developed and the Welsh Assembly believes there is now enough capacity to manage the expected number of domestic fridges that are discarded in Wales each year.

As well as the extra money councils will get guidance on the safe storage of fridges. A leaflet is also being made available to advise consumers on how to dispose of their old fridges safely.

Assembly Environment Minister Carwyn Jones said the Assembly Government recognised that the management of domestic fridges was still a significant issue for local councils.

He said this year alone it is expected that 146,000 domestic fridges will be disposed of and the extra money would help local authorities meet the extra costs involved in their proper disposal.