Headlines: May 16th, 2005

A new benchmarking service that will enable public service organisations to measure and track the performance of their partnerships and outsourced ICT is due to be launched next week by the Society of IT Management. Users of the service will be able to assess how well they are performing both individually and in comparison with similar organisations. Because benchmarking is an on-going process it will also be possible to measure the difference resulting from improvements made.The new service will be available to public sector organisations which have developed partnerships and outsourced their ICT service, which includes at least 20% of local authorities which are known to have gone down this route. Benchmarks will be based on Key Performance Indicators covering the main areas of performance such as user satisfaction, resolution of operational problems, project management and cost-efficiency.

The package will also include a detailed report comparing the user’s performance in relation to that of other partnership and outsourced services and of in-house equivalents. Users of the service will be able to attend workshops to discuss common opportunities and problems of performance that are particular to those with partnership and outsourced ICT services, and they will be helped to identify solutions.