Headlines: January 16th, 2007



The Future Leaders programme, which provides a fast track for head teachers, is being increased from 20 to 40 places. The programme is part-funded by the Government, and it is designed to help in the development of the next generation of heads for challenging schools in disadvantaged areas.

Participants contribute to school leadership within twelve months, with the aim of achieving the headship of a challenging school within four years. During this time they draw a salary in line with that which they received from their previous employer, but with a cap of 50,000 pounds per year. They are expected to make a commitment to remain at the school of their first appointment for three years.

The programme provides mentoring support from the head teacher and coaching from a school peer tutor. The head and the coach work in a hands on capacity with the participant , developing day to day senior leadership skills, providing feedback and support and offering insight into senior leadership of a challenging school. Participants also spend periods at the National College for School Leadership.

Several months before applying for senior leadership positions they will receive training in how to prepare for interviews with governing bodies. Future Leaders are encouraged to give back to the programme, helping to recruit, mentor, support and train others following similar routes to themselves