Headlines: February 14th, 2007



Working practices in the future are likely to be increasingly influenced by employees. A report from Affiniti, a communications company, sets out research findings revealing a change in attitudes in the UK workforce across the public and private sectors. Three quarters of the people surveyed believe that an environmentally friendly working environment is imperative and two thirds want a better work-life balance.

The research sought to find the top employee issues in the workplace and the factors that are most likely to change the way organisations operate. Being green is now considered critical by UK workers. Three quarters consider it important and a fifth feel that the environment will become the top priority for organisations in the future. Working practices support this finding with 75% claiming to turn off computers and electrical items, recycle paper and avoid printing where possible. Managers also believe that the environment will far surpass other factors in driving change.

Employees are also calling for a more effective work-life balance. Organisations wanting to recruit the best candidates are facing a growing trend amongst UK workers, with 37% who will only consider roles where flexible working is offered.

Commenting on the extended right to flexible working Mike Emmott, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Employee Relations Adviser said: “Our research shows that most employers are happy to agree the majority of such requests, and that two in five employers have already extended the right to request further than the legislation requires. Given the benefits that can be gained, and the ultimate right of the employer to decline to grant requests if they will cause problems for the organisation, we back an extension of the right to request as a sensible extension of this existing light-touch approach to employment law.