Headlines: April 20th, 2007



Nottingham City Council, which has been shortlisted for a special efficiency award for its smartcard for older people, has launched a new Adult Citycard, which offers similar benefits to all residents aged from 18 to 59. More than 100,000 of the new, personalised cards have been posted to citizens this week.

The new card combines bus travel, leisure and library services as well as offering local people a range of discounts and access to prize draws. A special section has been developed on the council’s website to give people information about how to use the cards.

For bus travellers the Adult Citycard is described as being ‘like an electronic purse’ that can be topped up and used when needed. Holders will also benefit from savings of up to 10 per cent on a range of sports and activities at city leisure centres and the card offers full access to all libraries not just in the city, but in the rest ofNottinghamshire as well.

This week’s launch follows the success of the Senior Citycard, which was introduced last year and which is available free to older residents, giving them free travel, except in the morning peak period, and up to 50 per cent discount on most of Nottingham’s sport and leisure activities. Discounts are also offered by more than 70 retailers and service providers in the area.

The Senior Citycard and a Mobility Citycard, which gives the same benefits to people with a qualifying disability, have been chosen as finalists for the Municipal Journal’s awards in the Efficiency Achievement of the Year category. The winner will be announced at the end of June.