Headlines: July 30th, 2007


Social workers and care staff in flood-hit areas of Britain have been praised for their `tremendous resilience’ in caring for older people, families and communities. Anne Williams, President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, said she had been deeply impressed by evidence from all the affected regions of departments working with private care home providers, voluntary agencies, the police, fire and other services.

She said they had ensured that temporary refuges had been set as well as assisting with the distribution of water, dry clothes and blankets for all those affected but especially for more vulnerable people.She had particular words of praise for staff and managers in private care and nursing homes who, with the help of local authorities, had made sure their elderly residents had been shielded from the worst effects of the flood. And she praised her fellow directors for the leadership they had shown. In one case, she said, a director had to decamp from her stricken social services offices and coordinate services from the local fire headquarters.

“As the weeks pass there will emerge countless stories of a very special, quiet heroism displayed by the people of these ravaged communities, and of the care staff and volunteers who have so selflessly worked to ameliorate their discomfort,” Ms Williams said. Looking to the future, she said, there would be questions but she added, “These will be issues for the future. For the present nothing should detract from the achievements of the communities that have been so tested by these recent floods; the mutual help individuals and families have shown to each other; the voluntary agencies and their staff and volunteers, and our own adult social care staff and managers all of whom have helped so much to protect our vulnerable neighbours.”