Headlines: September 30th, 2014

An electronic tax disc system comes into effect tomorrow, 1 October. The cost savings that will be made at DVLC raise questions about potential savings that could be made in other parts of the public sector by going digital.

In addition to the cost savings that DVLC will make in the standard licence issuing process, costs will also be cut in issuing more than one million duplicate licenses every year. Every day more than 3,000 replacements for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed licences are currently processed.

In the last three years more than seven million replacement licences have been sent out in instances such as when drivers change their name, address or title.

Alan Mason, director, Ricoh UK said: “The phasing out of the paper-based tax disc is another significant milestone in the public sector’s journey towards digital by default. This initiative has the potential to save time and money, with electronic replacement discs reducing paperwork for motorists and enabling DVLA staff to concentrate on delivering better customer services. ??

However, it is very important that this hugely beneficial digitisation model is rolled out to other government agencies and departments to enable joined up, connected services. From paperless healthcare in the NHS to electronic textbooks in schools, digitisation can deliver superior public services. The ability to manage information via digital platforms can empower individuals and professionals, whilst delivering increased value for taxpayers.”

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