Headlines: October 16th, 2001

The Government is giving an extra push to encourage take-up of digital TV. Recent statistics on take-up suggest digital is not taking on as fast as originally hoped or planned.A new proposal to industry leaders now proposes extending the power of terrestrial Digital TV signals to improve quality and the reliability of coverage, and extending its geographical coverage so that 72% of households can gain access to all channels and 84% to digital channels from BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

Recognising that Christmas is a popular time to buy a new TV, there is also to be a pre-Christmas push to increase the knowledge of retailers and consumers about the digital offering.

So far only a third or 8 million of UK households have switched to Digital TV, which the Government wants to bring on steam in order that it also opens up for the country a wide range of new interactive services such as home banking and shopping.

The Government has also announced the launch of a dedicated website www.digitaltv.culture.gov.uk , which will bring clear, up to date information on Digital TV including what it is and how to connect.

Copies of the Government’s strategy to push digital TV can found at www.digitaltv.culture.gov.uk